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Ohio Domestic Violence Laws

Ohio Domestic Violence Laws

How Do Domestic Violence Courts Work in Ohio?

Drawing a domestic violence charge in Ohio can put you into a legal process that differs slightly from the one used to investigate, prosecute, and penalize other types of alleged assaults. Make no mistake, though. Jail is still a possibility, and securing quality legal advice and representation can protect you from an unjust conviction and harsh penalties. Continue reading

Marked Lane Violation in Ohio

What Is a Marked Lane Violation in Ohio?

Under section 4511.33 of the Ohio Revised Code, there are five ways for a driver to get a lane violation ticket in Columbus.

First, a driver can be ticketed for making an unsafe lane change. The state statute requires a person to wait to change lanes until after he or she “has first ascertained that such movement can be made with safety.” In real-world terms, this means a police officer or state trooper can make a stop and issue a ticket for cutting off another vehicle. Continue reading

Drug Possession Charges for Minors in Ohio

Drug Possession Charges for Minors in Ohio

How Do Ohio Courts Handle Drug Possession Charges for Minors?

In Ohio, most teens younger than 18 who get arrested for allegedly possessing drugs will actually be charged with delinquency. The reclassification of the alleged criminal offense reflects the emphasis state laws and courts place on encouraging education and rehabilitation for minors as an alternatives to punishment. Still, incarceration can be a possibility. Juvenile drug possession Ohio Continue reading

Police Suspects Me of OVI During a Traffic Stop

What To Do if Police Suspects Me of OVI During a Traffic Stop?

Acting appropriately during a traffic stop can reduce your risk of being taken into custody under suspicion of operating a vehicle while intoxicated (OVI). Nothing you say or do will guarantee that a police officer or state trooper will not suspect you of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. However, you can protect yourself from major inconveniences or a criminal charge.