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When you are accused of committing a criminal or traffic offense in Columbus Ohio, it is normal to feel nervous and frightened about what might happen. The obvious penalties are fines and jail time, but there are other consequences you should be aware of. Without the help of an experienced Columbus Ohio criminal defense attorney, it would be quite difficult to discover all of the possible penalties.

A solid Columbus criminal defense attorney can help to avoid some or all of the possible penalties. If you are unsure about what might happen or have other questions about your situation, call 614-205-2208 for your free consultation with an experienced Columbus Ohio criminal defense lawyer.


Does Our Columbus Criminal Defense Lawyer Handle All Crimes?

We handle just about every crime from the most serious to petty offenses. No matter what you are charged with, a conviction will have consequences. A Ohio criminal defense lawyer from The Maher Law Firm can help to minimize or avoid those consequences. We like to have happy clients so we do everything we can to get the results you deserve. Whether you are charged with a minor misdemeanor or a first degree felony, your future is important to us. We realize that our client’s lives are in our hands and we take this responsibility seriously.

Tips for Receiving the Best Defense for a Criminal Case

Hundreds of criminal defense attorneys practice in Columbus, Ohio. The majority will do a professional job for most clients, but identifying and hiring a Columbus criminal defense lawyer who will do the best possible job for you requires a little effort.

Before reading through the tips for receiving the best possible defense for a criminal case, understand that you should never stand before a judge without having a defense attorney standing by your side. The penalties for even seemingly minor alleged criminal offenses are harsh and extend well beyond jail time and fines. Serving a sentence can create financial, employment and relationship problems that you may be able to avoid if you take the time to secure quality criminal defense advice and representation.

Here are some suggestions for receiving the best criminal defense.

Find an Attorney with Applicable Experience

Very simply, hire a Columbus drunk driving attorney if you face a charge for operating a vehicle while intoxicated in Columbus. Hire a Columbus weapons offense attorney if you got arrested on a gun charge in Columbus. Experience counts since prosecutors and judges approach different charges in different ways. Your best defense will come from an attorney who knows the relevant case law, the unwritten rules of evidence, and the unspoken grounds for pursuing a plea deal in the court in which you are charged.

Find a Columbus Criminal Defense Attorney Who Picks Up the Phone and Answers Emails

You need a lawyer who treats you and your case as a priority. You probably don’t face the death penalty, but your life is on the line in a lot of ways when you could end up serving a jail sentence, losing your driver’s license, or having a conviction on your record.

Be Completely Honest With Your Lawyer

Your attorney cannot put together a complete and effective defense unless he or she knows what the police and prosecutors may find when they search for evidence, interview alleged victims, and speak with your family and friends. Keep in mind that everything you tell your Columbus criminal defense attorney will be held in confidence. What you share with your lawyer will only be used to help you and cannot be disclosed to any other person without consent.

Know That You Can Fire a Lawyer Who Does a Bad Job

The laws of Ohio allow criminal defendants to change lawyers at any time. Exercising this right makes sense when your lawyer seems to be unavailable, stops answering your calls, or responding to your messages.

Cost, location, and recommendations from other people you know may also influence your choice of Columbus criminal defense attorneys. How much weight you give to those factors depends on how important you consider them to be. Definitely focus on experience, accessibility, trust and responsiveness.

 Our Most Common Criminal Cases

Our most common criminal cases are misdemeanor crimes because they are the most common crimes committed in Ohio. Misdemeanors have different penalties depending on the level of misdemeanor.  Misdemeanors of the first degree are the most serious and minor misdemeanors are the least serious. Common misdemeanor crimes include:

  • Drug Crimes like possession of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia used for marijuana, and driving under the influence
  • Underage Alcohol Crimes like underage possession of alcohol, underage consumption of alcohol, disorderly conduct, false identification, and underage DUI
  • Alcohol Crimes like disorderly conduct, open container, consumption of alcohol in a motor vehicle, public urination, and driving under the influence
  • Criminal Damaging and Criminal Mischief
  • Obstructing Official Business
  • Crimes of Violence like assault and domestic violence
  • Petty Theft and Shoplifting Crimes
  • Passing Bad Checks
  • Trespassing
  • Weapons Crimes

What About Felonies?

Although less common than misdemeanors, felonies are still fairly common. Felonies of the first degree are the most serious and felonies of the fifth degree are the least serious. Felony crimes often involve similar conduct to misdemeanors with something extra making it worse in the eyes of the law (i.e. more money was involved, more drugs, harder drugs, or more violence).

Call Criminal Defense Attorney in Columbus Ohio For Your Free Consultation

Colin Maher of The Maher Law Firm has helped thousands of clients in Columbus and throughout Franklin County with cases involving drunk and drugged driving, assault, domestic violence, disorderly conduct, obstruction of justice, drug offenses, theft and fraud, weapons offenses, obstruction of official business, and just about any other criminal or traffic charge you can name. You can speak to Columbus criminal defense attorney, Colin Maher now to learn if he can advise and represent you by calling 614-205-2208 or receive a call back by completing this online contact form.

Customer FAQ's

We have been asked many criminal questions over the last decade. We certainly can’t address all of them on this page, but here are some FAQs and answers. Can’t find the answers you are looking for? Call our Columbus criminal defense lawyer at (614) 205-2208 instead.

Attorney Colin Maher has been a Columbus Ohio criminal defense and traffic defense lawyer for over 10 years.

Yes. My interest in criminal and traffic defense began with an internship in Toledo’s Municipal court in 2006 and continued as a law clerk in Franklin County Municipal Court from 2007 to 2009. I have been licensed to practice in Ohio since 2009 and have always focused on criminal and traffic defense law.

With over ten years of experience, rest assured that attorney Colin Maher has likely dealt with criminal and traffic charges just like your current charges.

This depends on the actual charges you face, but I have handled just about every type of case.

Attorney Colin Maher appears in Franklin County Ohio courts just about every day. He also appears in Marysville Ohio (Union County), Delaware Ohio, Madison County Ohio, and all Central Ohio mayor’s courts on a regular basis.

I have built what I believe to be a solid reputation for being honest, friendly, reasonable, and tough when needed in all courts in which I practice.

I have an obligation to present all potential plea negotiations to each client. The decision to take a plea rather than roll the dice in trial is a decision each client must make given my guidance.

Each criminal and traffic case will result in a trial if that is what my client chooses. In reality, most cases have a way of working out prior to a trial. Strengths and weaknesses of each side are evaluated to determine the most likely outcome. It is then up to my clients to decide how they wish to proceed.

Assessment of Your Case
Whether you’ve been charged with a misdemeanor or a felony, you want the attorneys you meet with to explore your various options. You don’t want any surprises. Ask such questions as:

If you plead guilty, the court will proceed to sentencing or set a new court date to impose penalties. The penalties imposed depend on what the court must impose (mandatory penalties) and what they may impose (those chosen by the judge).

Yes. Lesser charges may be an option in your case. This is often used to change the mandatory penalties giving the court a choice on what to impose.

This is a case-by-case decision you will make with attorney Maher’s advice. Strengths and weaknesses of every case need to be weighed in order to make an educated decision.

Most cases involve a relatively predictable pattern. The initial hearing (arraignment) is followed by pretrial (for discussions on evidence and plea negotiations), motion hearings (to determine what evidence can and cannot be used against you), a trial to the court or to a jury if the case has not been resolved at a previous hearing and finally sentencing (where the penalties are decided by the judge).

Case Management
Lawyers use the term case management to describe how a case is handled behind the scenes. It’s important for you to know the logistics, so that there will be no misunderstandings. Some relevant questions to ask include:

Of course. I limit the amount of new cases I take on to ensure ample time can be spent on each and every case. All phone calls will be answered or promptly returned and all messages will be responded to quickly.

No other attorney will work on your case. Trusting someone else to do the work is not what you signed up for. I will handle all details of your case from start to finish and will be your point of contact throughout.

If you have questions, it is best to call for quick answers

Legal Fees

Legal fees can be competitive among attorneys who practice criminal law. Some questions to ask about legal fees include:

Almost all of my cases are handled on a flat fee basis.

Your flat fee is based on a variety of factors. All flat fees will be discussed during your initial free quote discussion. Payment plans are available for those who want them. Your flat fee will include all of my services prior to a jury trial. If you are not eligible for a jury trial in your case, your flat fee includes a trial to the judge.

My base rate for hourly work is currently $250 per hour, however, almost all cases will be quoted as a flat fee so you know exactly what you will pay with no surprises.


Other than my services, you may incur fees from the court like fine and court costs. Other expenses to consider are insurance rate increases, mental health and/or alcohol and drug treatment, probation fees, and BMV fees for license related matters.

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