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Understanding Weapons Crime Charges

The term “weapons charge” covers a lot of alleged criminal activities. Police and courts treat each very seriously, and even just having a knife or gun within reach while allegedly committing a crime can turn a potentially bad situation much worse.

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Ohio Criminal Offense Penalties

The surest way to learn what penalties you may face when charged with a crime is to consult with a Columbus criminal defense attorney. Your lawyer will use their knowledge of state statutes, local ordinances, and experiences with helping defendants in similar circumstances to give you a clear picture of what a conviction or plea deal could mean.

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Charges for Receiving Stolen Property

Ohio law enforcement considers receiving stolen property an act of theft and fraud. That is, even though a person accused of receiving stolen property did not steal anything or illegally deprive anyone of anything of value, the legal system treats the person as a thief or a perpetrator of fraud.

What Counts as a Crime?

Here is what section 2913.51 says specifically about the alleged offense: “No person shall receive, retain, or dispose of property of another knowing or having reasonable cause to believe that the property has been obtained through commission of a theft offense.”

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Is it a Good Idea to Request a Trial by Jury?

Each criminal defendant has the right to request a trial by jury so long as they are charged with an offense that carries the possibility of jail time. Choosing to exercise that right depends on several factors that differ from case to case and defendant to defendant. When advising clients on whether to request a bench trial in front of a single judge or before a jury, Columbus, Ohio, criminal defense attorney Colin Maher, the founder of The Maher Law Firm, focuses on the issues of evidence and empathy.

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Top 3 Things to Look for When Hiring a Criminal Defense Attorney

If you get charged with a crime in central Ohio, you have many choices for a criminal defense attorney in Columbus and throughout Franklin County. You can find a good lawyer to advise and represent you by answering three questions.

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Fraud Charges and Their Penalties

Ohio law treats fraud as both a kind of theft and as a method for committing theft. Penalties for fraud include jail time, large fines, and restitution. Importantly for anyone charged with fraud, a conviction requires proving to a judge or jury that the accused defendant intended to defraud someone or to steal money or property in a fraudulent manner. Working with an experienced Columbus Ohio criminal defense attorney can help prevent a misunderstanding over ownership or permission to escalate into a criminal record.

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Offenses You May Not Know Are Criminal Charges

Even as an experienced Columbus, Ohio, criminal defense attorney, I occasionally find myself surprised and amused by a BuzzFeed or Cracked-type list of weird laws that include entries like “Elephants wearing top hats are prohibited” and “No person shall give alcohol to fish.” But—and, again, as a criminal defense lawyer—I know that many Ohioans run afoul of the law unintentionally simply because they do not realize certain statutes exists.

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Is Drunk Driving a Criminal Offense in Ohio?

Ohio, like every other state, treats driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs as a traffic and a criminal offense. The severity of the alleged crime depends on several factors, including whether a person has previous convictions for drunk or drugged driving and whether driving under the influence led to a crash that inflicted injuries or caused deaths.


With some exceptions, the categorization of drunk driving charges in Columbus, Ohio looks like this:

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5 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Columbus Criminal Defense Attorney

You have hundreds of choices for criminal defense attorneys in and around Columbus, Ohio. Hiring the one who is best able to advise and represent you can make all the difference between avoiding an unfairly harsh penalty and serving a maximum sentence.

The Maher Law Firm understands we won’t be the right defense lawyer for every potential client. Still, we want every individual who gets charged with a crime in central Ohio to receive the best defense available. To help make sure that happens, we outline five types of questions every criminal defendant should ask an attorney before hiring him or her.

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Charges for Arson in Ohio

Chapter 2909 of the Ohio Revised Code makes it a crime for any person to use fire or explosions to “knowingly … cause, or create a substantial risk of, physical harm” to a building, person, piece of property, or vehicle. An alleged arson offense could also be treated as vandalism or terrorism, and, depending on the target and the amount of injury or damage inflicted, the purported criminal act can be prosecuted as a high-level misdemeanor or a felony. Jail and stiff fines are always possible, making hiring a Columbus, Ohio, criminal defense attorney a must when charged with arson.

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