Driving Under Suspension Attorney in Ohio


The Ohio BMV has listed 30 types of suspensions including 12 point suspensions, DUI / OVI related suspensions, court suspensions, drug related suspensions, child support suspensions, judgment suspensions, random selection or insurance suspensions, and more. Many of the suspension types have subcategories of suspensions meaning there are well over 30 types. Each suspension lasts for a designated amount of time depending on the “class” of the suspension. The following periods of suspension apply to each class.

Suspension Periods

Court Suspension BMV Suspension 
Class 1LifeClass A3 years
Class 23 years – LifeClass B2 years
Class 32 – 10 yearsClass C1 year
Class 41 – 5 yearsClass D6 months
Class 56 months – 3 years          Class E3 months
Class 63 months – 2 yearsClass FUntil Conditions Met
Class 71 year or less  

Once Under Suspension

Once your license has been suspended for one of the many reasons, getting caught driving while still under that suspension is typically a misdemeanor of the first degree subjecting you to the possibility of 180 days in jail, $1000 fine, an additional suspension period up to 1 year, impoundment of your license plates, vehicle immobilization for 30 days, community service, probation, and reinstatement fees. For every subsequent time you are caught, the possible penalties increase.

Suspended License?

It is understood that driving is a necessary thing for most people. You have to work, you have kids, you have to get groceries, etc., but the more you drive, the more you risk your chances of ever getting your license back. If your license is suspended, you should attempt to get your license valid prior to driving again. If, for whatever reason, you decide to drive while your license is suspended and happen to get a ticket, it is wise to seek help from an experienced driving under suspension attorney Columbus Ohio.