Cultivation of Marijuana or Manufacturing of Drugs in Ohio

The crimes of illegal manufacturing of drugs and cultivation of marijuana are defined in the Ohio Revised Code section 2925.04. A person may be found guilty under this section if they knowingly do any of the following:

  • Cultivate marijuana
  • Manufacture a controlled substance
  • Engage in any part of the production of a controlled substance

Penalties for Illegal Manufacturing of Drugs or Cultivation of Marijuana

A violation of this section can have harsh penalties including mandatory prison terms, mandatory fines, driver’s license suspensions, reporting to professional licensing agencies, probation, parole, and more. The offense level will depend on the type of drug involved, the amount, and whether or not it was committed in the vicinity of a school or juvenile.

The following is a basic guide to the starting offense levels based on the type of drug being manufactured:

  • If the substance involved is included in schedule I or II, a felony of the second degree
  • If the substance involved is methamphetamine, a felony of the second degree
  • If the substance involved is included in schedule III, IV, or V, a felony of the third degree
  • If the drug involved is marijuana, a minor misdemeanor

Cultivation of marijuana becomes a felony of the fifth degree when the amount equals or exceeds 200 grams.

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