Fourth DUI Offense Columbus, Ohio – What You Need to Know

The state of Ohio takes DUI convictions extremely seriously. If you are facing your fourth DUI conviction in Columbus, Ohio, there are a number of penalties that may affect you and your future. But there are still possible options to consider when you face such an offense in Ohio.

The Maher Law Firm specializes in handling DUI and OVI-related cases, including fourth DUI convictions in Columbus, Ohio. If you have dealt with previous offenses, you understand that getting in contact with a defense attorney is an important next step. An experienced DUI attorney can help you with the next steps and further understanding the potential 4th DUI penalties in Columbus Ohio you might face.

What Is Considered a Fourth DUI Offense in Columbus, Ohio

Before looking at the 4th DUI penalties in Ohio that you might face, it is important to understand that a fourth DUI offense in Columbus, Ohio within 10 years is considered a felony offense. DUI offenses are counted 10 years from the date of the most recent conviction you have faced.

A fourth DUI conviction in Columbus, Ohio can also differ based on if you refuse to undergo a test, there is no test conducted, or if the results of a test are a low tier or high tier. The penalties will differ with each of these possible charges.

Working with a knowledgeable lawyer from the Friedmann Firm can ensure that you fully understand the charges you are facing and that the proper procedures tied to your offense are followed.

4th DUI Penalties in Columbus, Ohio

As you face a fourth DUI offense in Columbus, Ohio, understanding the possible range of the penalties can be key. With the strict DUI laws in place in Ohio, penalties tied to DUI’s only increase with the number of DUI’s you might have. And it can be important to note that the more DUI’s you have, the possibility of being sentenced to only minimum penalties is less and less.

But, below is a rough guideline of the overall 4th DUI penalties in Ohio without looking at specific situations such as a low or high tier test:

  1. Jail time can range from a minimum of 60 days to 30 months.
  2. Fines can range from $1,350 to a maximum of $10,500 plus the cost of court.
  3. Vehicle forfeiture will be issued by the court if the vehicle is registered to you.
  4. You will need to attend a mandatory alcohol and drug addiction program.
  5. A license suspension of at least 3 years will be imposed.
  6. An ignition interlock may also be required.

Looking for more frequently asked questions related to DUI penalties? Check out our FAQ.

Minimum Summary of 4th DUI Penalties – Ohio

To wrap up this look at what a fourth DUI conviction in Columbus, Ohio could potentially mean for you, here is a short summary of the at minimum 4th DUI penalties in Ohio.

A fourth DUI offense in Columbus, Ohio is considered a felony offense which requires the following, at a minimum:

  • 60 days in jail
  • A fine of $1,350
  • A 3-year license suspension with no driving privileges
  • An alcohol and drug addiction program
  • Forfeiture of the vehicle if it is registered to you

If You Are Facing a Fourth DUI Conviction in Columbus, Ohio – Contact A DUI Attorney

If you are facing a fourth DUI conviction in Columbus, Ohio, it is extremely important to get into contact with an experienced DUI attorney. By reaching out to us here at the Maher Law Firm, you will be able to ask questions and examine the possible options you can move forward with the help of a lawyer.

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