Getting pulled over for allegedly committing a traffic violation in central Ohio can be much more than a hassle. If you drive for a living, already have a few tickets and points on your record, or cannot handle higher insurance rates, you should consider hiring a traffic ticket lawyer in Franklin County. Hiring a Franklin County traffic ticket lawyer is even more important if you know you did not do anything wrong.

Why Hire a Traffic Violation Lawyer in Franklin County?

Many effective defenses to traffic tickets exist. Occasionally, because the officer who issued the ticket must show up to trial to testify, just going to court is enough to have a ticket dismissed or reduced for lack of evidence. Keep in mind this will take at least two court dates which means hours of your precious time. Some of that wasted time can be avoided by hiring a traffic ticket attorney in Franklin County Ohio.  An attorney can often appear for you at your first court date which means you would not need to be there.  You will need to be present in order to testify at trial. DUI / OVI Lawyer in Franklin County

A Franklin County traffic violation lawyer will do much more than hope for a no-show, of course. He or she will help prepare a solid defense to your traffic ticket in case a trial is necessary to get the result you want.

After taking a case, and depending on what is needed, a dedicated Franklin County traffic lawyer will request and review any available camera footage to contest a red light or illegal U-turn charge, check out the radar or laser device used to record his client’s speed, and even visit the location to determine any discrepancies in the officer’s report or witness’s statement. He or she will go through all the police officer and court paperwork to make sure the citation was filed properly and only amended in complete compliance with applicable rules. speeding ticket attorney Franklin County

Contact a Traffic Ticket Attorney in Franklin County

The Franklin County traffic violation attorneys with The Maher Law Firm have helped drivers all across Columbus and in each town and village around the Ohio’s capital city. We have an especially strong track record in difficult cases that many traffic ticket lawyers avoid, such as speeding in a school zone, passing a school bus, commercial driver’s license suspensions, speeding in a construction zone, and commercial driver’s out-of-service penalties for problems ranging from oversized loads, hazardous materials, missed inspections, log book violations, and equipment violations.

You can also count on a Maher Law Firm traffic lawyer when the alleged violation is treated as somewhat of a criminal matter. We do not turn people away if they need help with a reckless operation case, an operating a vehicle while intoxicated (OVI)/driving under the influence (DUI) charge, or a hit/skip, which is what Ohio statutes call leaving the scene of an accident.

We invite you to call (614) 205-2208 for a free phone consultation with a traffic attorney in Franklin County. A no-pressure, no-obligation consultation with a Franklin County traffic ticket lawyer can also be set up by completing this contact form. Never pay the fines and fees without exploring your legal options.  Doing so will result in a conviction of the charges as written.

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