The walk and turn test starts by placing you in position while listening to the instructions. The test begins as soon as the officer places you in the heel-to-toe position even though you are still listening to the instructions. The officer is looking to make sure you can keep your balance while listening to the instructions and hold the position until instructions are finished. Once the officer completes the instructions and they tell you to begin, they are looking to see if you stop while walking, don’t touch heel-to-toe, step off the line, use your arms to balance, turn improperly, or take the incorrect number of steps.

Walk and Turn Test Procedures


If you are wearing heels more than two inches high, you should be given the opportunity to remove them. The proper procedures for administering the walk and turn test are as follows:

  • Instructs to imagine a straight line or uses a real straight line
  • Line allows sufficient room to complete nine heel-to-toe steps
  • Instructs to place left foot on line and demonstrates
  • Instructs to place right foot on line ahead of left foot touching heel-to-toe and demonstrates
  • Instructs to place arms down at side and demonstrates
  • Instructs to maintain position until finished with instructions
  • Instructs to not start to walk until told to do so
  • Asks if understand instructions so far
  • Instructs when told to start, take nine heel-to-toe steps, turn, and take nine heel-to-toe steps back
  • Demonstrates three heel-to-toe steps
  • Instructs to turn keeping front foot on the line and taking a series of small steps with the other foot
  • Demonstrates turn
  • Instructs to keep arms at sides, watch feet at all times, and count your steps out loud
  • Instructs that once you have started, do not stop until completed
  • Asks if understands
  • Instructs to begin and count first step as one
  • Limits their movement so as not to distract

If the test is not administered in substantial compliance with the above procedures, you may have adequate grounds to keep the test out of evidence.

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