Is Possession of Marijuana a Minor Offense or NOT?

Even though possession of marijuana or possession of drug paraphernalia used for marijuana seems like a minor offense, the penalties you don’t know about may make them more serious than you thought. Convictions for drug crimes may result in a diver’s license suspension. They also make it very difficult to obtain school loans. If you or your family member has been charged with a crime involving marijuana, contact an experienced Columbus drug crime attorney from The Maher Law Firm.

What Happens When You are Charged for Marijuana Possession if You are a Minor?

Hidden Penalties

All drug crimes involve additional penalties you wouldn’t typically consider like driver’s license suspensions and reports being sent to professional licensing authorities. If you or one of your children have been charged with a drug crime, be sure to speak with an experienced Columbus drug crime defense attorney about the possible problems associated with having a drug conviction. Even though a marijuana charge may seem petty and having a small amount is classified as a minor misdemeanor, once your license is suspended or your school loans are denied, it won’t seem so minor anymore.

Who Can Be Charged?

According to the Ohio Revised Code Chapter 2925, any person who is found to be corrupting another with drugs, trafficking in drugs, illegally manufacturing drugs or cultivating marijuana, Drug Possession, illegally assembling or possessing chemicals for the manufacture of drugs, funding drug trafficking, illegally distributing drugs, in possession of drugs or drug instruments, permitting drug abuse, or possessing drug paraphernalia can be charged with a drug crime.

If you have questions about your drug charges and the possible penalties, feel free to contact our Columbus drug crime lawyer. We are here to help.


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