A speeding ticket can seem like little more than inconvenience unless:

  • You need to maintain a clean driving record to keep your job driving a company vehicle, truck, or bus.
  • You already have several points on your license from earlier traffic violations you decided not to fight.
  • You cannot afford the increased insurance premiums a speeding conviction would trigger.
  • You know for sure you were not speeding.

How a Franklin County Speeding Ticket Lawyer Help You

Sure, it’s not a driving under the influence charge, but a Franklin County speeding ticket attorney who has helped thousands of people in Columbus and its surrounding communities could list several more valid reasons to resist simply signing a citation and mailing in payment for the fine and administrative fees. The more important thing to recognize is that many effective defenses against a speeding charge exist.

Questions asked by a Speeding Ticket Attorney in Franklin County

A knowledgeable and dedicated speeding ticket attorney in Franklin County will ask all of the following questions and more:

  • Did the local police officer, sheriff, or state trooper who issued the ticket fill out the citation correctly?
  • Was the citation and charge amended at any time for any reason?
  • Did the officer and court provide timely and proper notification of any amendments to the citation to the driver facing the speeding charge and to the defendant’s lawyer?
  • Did the law enforcement official who issued the speeding ticket use a state-recognized radar, laser, or timing device to accurately track the driver’s speed over an appropriate distance?
  • Was the speed-measuring or timing device working as designed?
  • Did the officer use the device correctly?
  • Can traffic conditions or other circumstances explain why the driver had no good option except to briefly exceed the speed limit? For instance, did the driver need to avoid a collision or make room for an emergency vehicle to pass?

Contact a Franklin County Speeding Ticket Attorney

Hiring a Franklin County speeding ticket lawyer will give you a legal advisor and representative who will not simply accept everything police and prosecutors say at face value. Nor will he or she allow a zealous prosecutor to upgrade a speeding accusation to a much more serious reckless driving charge. Your defense attorney will examine all the evidence and make sure that no penalty is imposed unfairly.

To find out whether a traffic ticket attorney from The Maher Law Firm can serve as your speeding ticket lawyer in Franklin County, call us at (614) 205-2208 or by filling out this online contact form. The initial consultation is always free.

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