Tampering With Government Records Columbus, Ohio

If you have been accused of tampering with government records in Columbus, Ohio, you may be feeling nervous and worried about the potential legal action that may be taken against you. In the state of Ohio, there are a number of situations that can be considered tampering with government records in Columbus, Ohio.

An experienced criminal defense attorney in Ohio will work with you on your case to guide you through the entire process, working to hold the authorities to the correct standards of proof that are needed for a conviction. A criminal defense attorney will also work to ensure that any and all evidence collected was gathered in line with the constitution as well as federal and state laws that protect a criminal defendant’s legal rights.

Is Tampering with Government Records A Felony in Columbus, Ohio?

If you are accused of tampering with government records in Columbus, Ohio, it is important to be aware that this is a felony.  Ohio Revised Code 2913.42 covers the state law associated with tampering with government records. The statute prohibits the falsifying, destruction, removal, concealment, alteration, defacement, or mutilation of any “writing, computer software, data, or record” that a person knows has been falsified.

If a person is found to violate this law, and the offense does not include either data or computer software, you can face a conviction for a first-degree misdemeanor.

There are other specific details of an accusation of tampering with government records that can affect the potential consequences. For example, if the writing, data, record, or computer software “is kept by or belongs to a local, state, or federal governmental entity”, the felony will be of the third degree.

Consequences for Tampering with Government Records – Columbus, Ohio

Accusations of tampering with government records in Columbus, Ohio can have serious consequences including prison time. The severity of your potential conviction will depend on the specific elements and circumstances involved in your case.

Other consequences that are dependent on the circumstances of your offense include:

  • If the tampering with government records in Columbus, Ohio was of writing or a record that “is a will unrevoked at the time of the offense”, it will be a fifth-degree felony.
  • If your offense does involve data or computer software, you could potentially face a felony of the third, fourth, or fifth degree. The felony degree is dependent upon the value of the data or computer software involved.

Should you face tampering with government records felony charges in Columbus, Ohio, it is important to take the charge seriously. To ensure that you are taking the necessary steps to help yourself, reaching out to a criminal defense attorney who will provide an effective defense to your case is vital.

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As a criminal defense attorney, Colin Maher has a track record of successful cases. To get in touch with an experienced criminal defense attorney in Columbus, Ohio, call The Maher Law Firm at 614-205-2208 or reach out online through our contact form.

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