Reckless Operation Attorney in Ohio


What is Ohio Reckless Operation?

The law in Ohio defines reckless operation as operating in willful or wanton disregard for the safety of others or property. Essentially, this means you were committing some type of traffic violation which created an unusually dangerous situation.

Penalties for Reckless Operation in Ohio

On a first offense, reckless operation in Ohio is a minor misdemeanor punishable by fines, court costs, community service, a license suspension, and 4 points on your license. Points on your license will lead to a Class D suspension for 6 months if you accumulate 12 or more within a two year period. If you have had any traffic violations within the last year, Ohio reckless operation is a misdemeanor of the fourth degree adding 30 days in jail and probation to the possible penalties.

How Was What I Did Reckless Operation in Ohio?

Occasionally, the officer writing the ticket may allege you were operating recklessly when in fact, the charge should have been for another moving violation. It is important to consult with an experienced Columbus reckless operation lawyer to determine if the charges against you are accurate and if any possible defenses exist. An experienced Columbus traffic attorney will develop a strong defense strategy to negotiate a plea to a lesser charge and possibly even a complete dismissal.

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