DUI/OVI Checkpoints Columbus Ohio


DUI checkpoints or roadblocks are an obvious intrusion on the privacy of an individual. Any time the privacy of an individual is compromised by law enforcement, it brings up constitutional issues. The fourth amendment provides protection against intrusions that are unreasonable.

Are DUI/OVI checkpoints unreasonable?

DUI/OVI Checkpoints have been approved in Ohio subject to certain conditions:

  • They must be effective
  • The degree of interference cannot be too significant
  • The location must be selected for its safety and visibility to oncoming motorists
  • There must be adequate advance warning signs illuminated if at night
  • There must be uniformed officers and official vehicles
  • The time, place, and location must be predetermined based on neutral criteria

An experienced Columbus DUI attorney should investigate whether the above conditions were met and develop a strong defense strategy for your individual case.

Were you stopped at a DUI checkpoint in Ohio?

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