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Criminal Defense Attorney in Columbus Ohio

When you are accused of committing a criminal or traffic offense, it is normal to feel nervous and frightened about what might happen. The obvious penalties are fines and jail time, but there are other consequences you should be aware of. Without the help of an experienced Columbus Ohio defense attorney, it would be quite difficult to discover all of the possible penalties. A solid defense attorney can help to avoid some or all of the possible penalties. If you are unsure about what might happen or have other questions about your situation, call 614-205-2208 for your free consultation with an experienced Ohio criminal defense lawyer.

Does The Maher Law Firm Handle All Crimes?

We handle just about every crime from the most serious to petty offenses.  No matter what you are charged with, a conviction will have consequences. A criminal defense attorney from The Maher Law Firm can help to minimize or avoid those consequences.  We like to have happy clients so we do everything we can to get the results you deserve. Whether you are charged with a minor misdemeanor or a first degree felony, your future is important to us.  We realize that our client’s lives are in our hands and we take this responsibility seriously.

 Our Most Common Criminal Cases

Our most common criminal cases are misdemeanor crimes because they are the most common crimes committed. Misdemeanors have different penalties depending on the level of misdemeanor.  Misdemeanors of the first degree are the most serious and minor misdemeanors are the least serious. Common misdemeanor crimes include

What About Felonies?

Although less common than misdemeanors, felonies are still fairly common. Felonies of the first degree are the most serious and felonies of the fifth degree are the least serious. Felony crimes often involve similar conduct to misdemeanors with something extra making it worse in the eyes of the law (i.e. more money was involved, more drugs, harder drugs, or more violence).

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Whether you are facing misdemeanor or felony charges, you need an experienced Columbus criminal defense attorney to help you. Call 614-205-2208 now for a free, no obligation consultation with a lawyer from The Maher Law Firm.