What Does a Charge of Criminal Simulation Mean
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Author: Colin Maher
Date: 2021-12-06
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What Does a Charge of Criminal Simulation Mean

For individuals facing allegations of a criminal simulation charge, the immediate question is going to be “what exactly does that mean?”. The name itself may be confusing, so we are going to break down what exactly a criminal simulation charge in Columbus Ohio is.

What Exactly Does a Criminal Simulation Charge in Ohio Mean?

According to the Ohio Revised Code, criminal simulation involves the act of counterfeiting or forging items. These items can include things like films, photos, sound recordings, rare objects, and even the wrapper or labels on alcohol.

The crime itself that is related to criminal simulation is when an individual is illegally profiting off of the portrayal of something by implying more value or authenticity than the item actually has.

As laid out in section 2913.32 of the Ohio Revised Code, any of the following actions count as criminal simulation under Ohio law:

  1. Making or altering any kind of “object so that it appears to have value because of antiquity, rarity, curiosity, source, or authorship, which it does not in fact possess”.
  2. Fraudulently or falsely “making, retouching, editing, or reproducing” any kind of photo, movie, videotape, recording tape, or a phonograph record
  3. Falsely or fraudulently making, simulating, forging, counterfeiting, or altering any kind of wrapper, or “label, stamp, cork, or cap prescribed by the liquor control commission”.

Other specific actions that count as criminal simulation include:

  • Using any kind of “wrapper, label stamp, cork, or cap, prescribed by the liquor control commission” more than once.
  • Uttering or “possessing with the intent to utter” any kind of object or item that an individual is aware of having been simulated in any manner.

On a broader level, criminal simulation falls under the category of theft and fraud.

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Examples of Criminal Simulation

Now that you have a better understanding of what a criminal simulation charge actually means, we can take a look at a few specific examples. Here are a few examples of actions that might result in a charge of criminal simulation in Ohio:

  • Creating fake labels to put onto alcohol bottles of any kind
  • Purposefully aging and causing a piece of furniture to look antique in an effort to sell it as an antique
  • Creating and charging for fake online photos and videos
  • Altering the appearance of documents to make them look antique before selling them

When it comes to a criminal simulation charge in Columbus Ohio, keep in mind that if someone winds up being mistaken over the authenticity of a document, a label, or even a piece of furniture’s status as an antique, you normally will not face a charge. A charge of a criminal situation requires actual knowledge and intent of the wrongdoing occurring.

The knowledge and intent of wrongdoing are needed in all cases involved in theft and fraud.

What To Do If You Have A Criminal Simulation Charge

If you are facing a criminal simulation charge, it is recommended that you get in touch with a Columbus criminal defense attorney who has experience handling criminal simulation charges. They can help you to further understand the charge you are facing and use their expertise to develop a defense strategy.

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