Can You Still Be Charged If Your BAC Is Below .08% in Ohio
02 Sep
Author: Colin Maher
Date: 2020-09-02
Categories: Traffic

What Happens for Your First DUI Offense in Columbus Ohio?

What happens when I am convicted of a first offense DUI/OVI?

Sentencing guidelines used by Ohio courts list the following maximum penalties for a first-time drunk or drugged driving conviction:

  • 6 months in jail,
  • $1,075 criminal fine (plus court costs and fees),
  • 3-year driver’s license suspension that applies to the person’s own license and CDLs,
  • 15 days with no driving privileges at all
  • Addiction screening and treatment,
  • Use of specially designed OVI offender license plates, and
  • Use of an ignition interlock device that turns off the engine if a breath-testing device detects any alcohol.

Judges have discretion to lower or waive some of these penalties, but there are mandatory minimums. Many first time OVI offenders receive a 1-year license suspension with limited personal driving privileges after 15 days, a monetary fine, and a court order to complete a driver alcohol safety course in stead of going to jail.

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