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10 Feb
Author: Colin Maher
Date: 2016-02-10
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What are the Differences Between Theft and Robbery?

Theft is when you deprive the owner of goods or services without authority to do so. The charge is elevated to robbery when the theft occurs with violence, or threats of violence. For an in depth look at the crime of theft and its penalties, see our blog on theft here.

The basic penalties include:




Jail Time

Theft of goods under $1,000

First Degree Misdemeanor

Petty Theft


180 days

Theft of goods valued between $1,000 and  $7,500

Fifth Degree Felony


6 to 12 months

Theft of goods valued between $7500 to $150,000 or auto theft

Fourth Degree Felony

Grand Theft


6 to 18 months

Theft of goods valued between $150,000 and $750,000 or theft of a firearm or anhydrous ammonia

Third Degree Felony

Aggravated Theft


9 to 36 months

Theft of goods valued between $750,000 to $1.5 million

Second Degree Felony

Aggravated Theft


2 to 8 years

Under Ohio law, robbery occurs when any of the following happens in the commission of a theft:

  • Have a deadly weapon on or about the offender’s person or under the offender’s control (second degree felony);
  • Inflict, attempt to inflict, or threaten to inflict physical harm on another (second degree felony);
  • Use or threaten the immediate use of force against another (third degree felony).

Ohio law defines aggravated robbery as committing theft under these circumstances:

  • Having a deadly weapon on or about the offender’s person or under the offender’s control and either display the weapon, brandish it, indicate that the offender possesses it, or uses it;
  • Having a dangerous ordinance on or about the offender’s person or under the offender’s control;
  • Inflicting, or attempting to inflict, serious physical harm on another.

Aggravated robbery can also occur when a person takes a law enforcement officer’s weapon. Aggravated robbery is prosecuted as a first-degree felony.

Do you need a Columbus, Ohio Criminal Defense Attorney?

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