I Missed My Court Date for a Traffic Violation
13 Feb
Author: Colin Maher
Date: 2018-02-13
Categories: Traffic

I Missed My Court Date for a Traffic Violation. What Should I Do?

Any Franklin County traffic lawyer will advise you to do almost anything to keep your court date. Failing to appear in traffic court on the scheduled day can get you arrested and cost you your driver’s license. You may even end up being forced in to a conviction of the alleged driving offense you intended to fight without being given the opportunity to prove your innocence.

Traffic court judges enforce the defendant’s duty to appear for two primary reasons. First, the person who receives a traffic ticket must request a trial if they want to dispute the ticket. You waste court officials’ time and the county’s money when you do not appear to plead your case.

Second, the police officer or state trooper who issued the ticket must go to court for your trial to present evidence. Partly out of respect for the officer or trooper’s time.  If you miss your trial date, the court will issue a warrant for your arraest.


What to Do if You Think You Will Miss Your Traffic Court Date

As soon as you think you need to reschedule your trial, call the traffic court or hire a Columbus traffic attorney to take care of it for you. Rescheduling is usually possible, but you will find this easier to do if you ask earlier rather than later.

Also, if you plan to go to trial with a Franklin County traffic attorney to defend you, call The Maher Law Firm.

Almost any valid excuse will be accepted for rescheduling traffic court at arraignment.   The trial date becomes more difficult to schedule.  A personal or family health crisis, unexpected childcare responsibilities, and mandatory travel for work can all get your court date moved. Be aware, however, that you probably will not be allowed to choose the day that is most convenient for you unless you have an attorney pick a date for you. Traffic court is not conducted every day in many localities.


What to Do if You Miss Traffic Court Without Notifying Anyone

Again, call a Franklin County traffic defense attorney from The Maher Law Firm as soon as possible. Judges do not have to impose the stiffest penalties for failing to appear on the assigned date, and an actual emergency may be accepted as a reason to grant a new hearing without imposing any penalty. If, for instance, another driver crashes into you while you are on your way to court and you end up hospitalized, the court will take that unforeseen hardship into account.

Your Franklin County traffic lawyer will also be able to communicate with the court going forward and often appear on your behalf.

The Columbus traffic attorneys with The Maher Law Firm offer free phone consultations and take most cases on a flat fee basis. You can talk to a traffic attorney by calling (614) 205-2208 or contact us online by filling out this online contact form.

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