Consequences for Driving Under Suspension
18 Oct
Author: Colin Maher
Date: 2017-10-18
Categories: Traffic

Consequences for Driving Under Suspension

The laws of Ohio set harsh penalties for driving with a suspended license or violating restrictions placed on driving privileges. Getting convicted of operating a vehicle while intoxicated (OVI) and also driving under OVI suspension/under restriction actually results in a mandatory jail sentence.

Working with an experienced Columbus, Ohio, OVI and driving under suspension lawyer could help avoid these penalties

  • A new suspension,
  • A criminal record for a conviction on a first-degree misdemeanor,
  • A fine of up to $1,000,
  • Vehicle immobilization or impoundment,
  • A requirement to secure an SR-22 “proof of financial responsibility”to document automobile insurance, and
  • Mandatory payment of court and administrative fees

A person who drives under the influence of alcohol or drugs while having a suspended or restricted license would also face three consecutive days in jail over and above any jail term related to a sentence for OVI. That sentence can sometimes be served under house arrest while wearing an electronic anklet that detects alcohol use. Such a house arrest could last a minimum of 30 days or extend to a year for a second offense within six years. The person wearing the monitoring device would need to pay fees for its maintenance. Columbus traffic lawyer

The best way to stay clear of driving under suspension or violating driver’s license restrictions is to prevent an initial suspension. A driver should mount a vigorous defense against any charge that may result in a suspension, such as

  • OVI,
  • Refusing breath, blood, and urine tests following an arrest for suspicion of drunk or drugged driving,
  • Operating without insurance,
  • Causing a hit-and-run accident,
  • Missing a court date to contest a ticket, and
  • Accumulating 12 points for traffic violations within a 24-month period.

Any suspension of a license issued by the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles applies to each license the person holds. Losing one’s license to too many tickets while driving your own car will also cost you each commercial driver’s license you have quailed for — and no CDL usually means no driving job.

The Columbus, Ohio, driving under suspension lawyer with The Maher Law Firm also handle OVI defense and challenges to traffic violation tickets. We offer free, no-obligation consultations, and we take cases all across Franklin County. Talk to a lawyer now by calling (614) 205-2208 or completing this online contact form.

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