Avoid an Increase in Your Car Insurance Rates
14 Jun
Author: Colin Maher
Date: 2018-06-14
Categories: Traffic

Avoid an Increase in Your Car Insurance Rates

Many things can make your car insurance rates go up, such as moving, putting your 16-year-old child on your policy, and buying a new car. A Franklin County traffic attorney can’t get you out of the actuarial consequences of any of those personal choices, but a lawyer can help you avoid premium hikes due to traffic tickets, penalty points, license suspensions, and criminal convictions. Having a ticket dismissed or getting found innocent on criminal or traffic charges will help keep your premiums down.

Insurance companies always check clients’ driving records and search for arrest reports before they renew policies. If you get pulled over for speeding and opt for simply signing the ticket and mailing in the payment, your car insurance rates will likely go up.

Consider it guaranteed that your rates will increase if you have points put on your record with the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles (unless you have minor violation protection on your insurance policy). A very short list of traffic violations that add points to your record includes

  • Exceeding a posted speed limit by 11-25 mph
  • Making an illegal right turn on red
  • Running a stop sign
  • Reckless operation
  • Operating a vehicle while intoxicated
  • Driving with a suspended license

Ohio police and courts treat the last three items on the list as traffic violations that carry points, high fines, possible jail time, and license suspensions. Yes, driving under suspension can result in a second suspension.

Your insurance company will learn of such charges and penalties quickly, and your car insurance rates will often skyrocket.  Some companies may even cancel your policy outright.

Consulting with a traffic lawyer in Franklin County will help you understand how to contest a ticket and defend yourself against criminal/traffic charges related to driving. You can go into traffic court alone, but having an experienced attorney with you can be quite beneficial.

The Franklin County, Ohio-based traffic attorneys with The Maher Law Firm answer several basic questions about traffic ticket defense here. You can ask more specific questions relevant to your case by calling us at (614) 205-2208. Initial phone consultations are always free.

We also do paid consults at reasonable rates for individuals who feel they do not need full representation, and we take many DUI/OVI cases for a flat fee. You can also contact us online by filling out this contact form. Do not watch your car insurance rates increase just because you did not explore the possibility of avoiding points and other penalties.

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