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Author: Colin Maher
Date: 2018-06-25
Categories: Traffic

Are Speeding Ticket Fines the Same Throughout Ohio?

No. Speeding ticket fines are not standardized across Ohio, or even necessarily within the same city or county.

How much you get fined for speeding in the state depends on where you get ticketed and how fast you were allegedly going. Municipalities have broad authority to set fines for traffic offenses, and a state law doubles the fine for speeding in a work zone while workers are present.

As speeding ticket lawyers in Columbus, Ohio, we advise clients to figure that a fine for speeding will usually work out to $5-$10 for each mile per hour over the posted speed limit. For instance, getting caught on radar going 45 mph in a 35 mph zone will typically result in a fine of between $50 and $100. Add in court and administrative fees, which get assessed even when a driver just signs the ticket and makes a payment instead of going to court.  The cost for such a speeding ticket could approach $100 to $250.

As you likely know, fines and fees are not the only thing to worry about when a police officer or state trooper hands you a speeding ticket. Deciding not to contest the ticket puts a conviction for committing a traffic offense on your driving record. Your insurance company will see that and most likely raise your rates.

The Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles will definitely use a speeding conviction to assess penalty points while using the following rules:


Penalty Points for Speeding in Ohio

Speed Limit

Amount Over Limit



30 or more



55 or more




Less than 55





Accumulating 12 penalty points with the BMV within a 24-month period will cost you your driver’s license. Such a suspension will last for six months and apply to both your own personal license and any commercial driver’s licenses you hold. When your CDL gets suspended, you cannot legally operate any commercial vehicle or piece of heavy equipment for any reason at any time. Violating the terms of a license suspension can result in an arrest, having your car impounded, the imposition of a new, longer suspension, fines, court costs, and even jail time. Protecting Yourself with More than a Helmet: The Legal Side to Motorcycle Accidents

We offer this guide for reading an Ohio speeding ticket so you can easily find out how much you are being ordered to pay if you were recently cited for driving too fast. Recognize that you always have the right to appear at a hearing in traffic court to defend yourself against the charge.

You can consult with a Columbus traffic violation lawyer about lines of defense even if you decide to represent yourself or opt to just sign and pay. Give us a call at (614) 205-2208 or contact us online by completing this online contact form. Lawyers with The Maher Law Firm take case in Columbus and across Franklin County.

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