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Columbus Ohio Criminal and Traffic Defense Topics


What do I do for an ID after a DUI / OVI?

If you have been pulled over for Driving Under the Influence in Ohio, it is likely that the officer took your driver's license and immediately placed you under an administrative license ...
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DUI in Ohio with an Out-of-State License

The penalties for a DUI offense in Ohio depend on how much alcohol you have in your system, how many prior DUI/OVI related offenses you have, and whether or not you refuse to take a chemical test to ...
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DUI Sentencing Factors

Certain factors will play a role in the mandatory minimum penalties that must be imposed in your DUI case if convicted. They include a high alcohol test, a prior DUI within the last 6 years, and a ...
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Fight my DUI / OVI or Take the Deal?

When facing any criminal or traffic charge, a plea bargain is what the prosecutor offers in exchange for not having to move the case further along in the court process. Offers can get better as the ...
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Breathalyzer: to blow or not to blow in Ohio?

Refusing to take a breathalyzer test to determine your blood alcohol content (BAC) may result in stiffer penalties. That being said, taking a test when your alcohol level is high may also result in ...
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OVI Ohio: Second Offense Penalties

If you have been charged with your second OVI offense within 6 years, here are the potential penalties: JAIL Mandatory minimum of 10 days in jail, or 5 days in jail and 18 days house arrest. Up to 6 ...
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OVI Ohio: First Offense Penalties

JAIL Mandatory minimum of 3 days in jail or 72 hours in a driver intervention program. Up to 6 months in jail. *Note- if you have a high alcohol test result, the mandatory minimum is increased to 6 ...
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How do I Fight my DUI / OVI in Columbus Ohio?

Driving under the influence, called operating a vehicle under the influence in Ohio, is typically a misdemeanor of the first degree. The mandatory minimum penalties on a first offense OVI conviction ...
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3 Types of DUI / OVI Driver's License Suspensions in Ohio

The administrative license suspension, also known as the implied consent suspension, is the initial driver's license suspension imposed on a DUI or physical control case in Ohio. It is a ...
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35 Procedural Errors to Fight DUI / OVI Administrative License Suspension in Ohio

There are two types of license suspensions that can be imposed after you have been charged for operating under the influence. They act to suspend your license while your case is pending in court. One ...
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DUI / OVI and Prescription Medication

Just as with alcohol and other drugs, driving under the influence of prescription medication is illegal if you are impaired. A recent sobriety checkpoint in Columbus showed that 11% of drivers were ...
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Did the officer have the right to pull me over for DUI in Ohio?

In order for an officer to pull you over, they must have reasonable suspicion. Determining reasonable suspicion involves figuring out what the officer knew at the time they decided to pull you over. ...
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Should I Take the Portable Breath Test in Ohio?

Should I take the Portable Breath Test in Ohio? If you are pulled over for driving under the influence DUI/OVI, you may be asked to submit to a breath test while on the scene. These portable breath ...
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Prior Record Hindering Employment Opportunities

Have you ever applied for a job only to find out your application has been denied due to your criminal history? A prior record for what you thought was a minor offense can come back to haunt you. ...
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Columbus "Operation Cool Down"

If you have tuned in to the local news this week, you may have heard mention of "Operation Cool Down." Due to the unbearably hot temperatures, Mayor Coleman asked Columbus city personnel to ...
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Speed Monitoring by Plane

How many times have you been driving and one of your passengers warns you about a police officer checking the speed of traffic? Good luck seeing this one coming back seat driver. Many jurisdictions ...
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DUI and Endangering Children

As if being charged with a DUI isn't scary enough, the charge of endangering children may also be added if a child under the age of 18 is also in the vehicle. Endangering children is a misdemeanor ...
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Drug Trafficking in Ohio: A Guide to Offense Levels

If the substance is included in schedule I or II with some exceptions, the crime is considered aggravated trafficking in drugs. Aggravated trafficking in drugs is generally a felony of the fourth ...
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License to Carry a Concealed Handgun- Stopped by Law Enforcement

As you think about exercising your rights as an American this Fourth of July, remember that doing so can create certain duties under Ohio law. If you have your concealed carry license and are stopped ...
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Minor Traffic Violations Stack Up

Having received a minor traffic ticket, you may just be thinking about paying the ticket to avoid going to court. Be cautious if this is your decision. If within one year from the date of your ...
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Criminal and Traffic Law 101

The Ohio Constitution provides in relevant part that the Ohio General Assembly (the Senate and House of Representatives) shall be given the authority to propose laws also called bills. Once a bill is ...
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Welcome to Our New Website and Blog!

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new website and blog!
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