16 Apr
Author: Colin Maher
Date: 2020-04-16
Categories: Traffic

Lillian Martin

I just want to say that I have had Colin as my attorney twice…. and both time I should have been in some BIG trouble. So to give you guys a look recap of my traffic problems and why I say what I said about being in serious trouble 1st thing I was in a 4 car accident, where of course I was the last car to hit. Now at that time I had no insurance(yes I know very stupid of me ) so when my friend gave me Colin Maher number told me his really good and can help you get out of anything…… I’m thinking I’m not so sure of this but I gave him a call he took my case……… now of course I’m freaking out and scared but Colin was so claim and relax. The day we had court Colin was already there I got in sat down for 10mins and he came right out and told me he got my ticket dismissed and all I needed to do was pay court cost……..Now I already had a SR22 on my record so they just left that on and did not extend which was great…….. yes I have more now the 2nd time I got pull over for suspend license and tags again with no insurance so who do I call Colin Maher….. one thing about him he know his clients he remember me and everything and again took my case……. we went to court and yes I should have had my license suspend for not having insurance again this would be the 3rd time but nope Colin got right in there talk to the prosecutor and came out like less then 10mins to tell me again my ticket was dismissed and I do not need a SR22 no more. I will say this one thing if he can get me out of that when all know that I should have been in trouble for then that only means one thing HIS A GOOOOOOOOOOOD LAWYER THAT KNOWS HOW TO GET YOU OUT OF THE MOST INPOSSIBLE THINGS YOU NEVER THOUGHT YOU COULD. Thank you Colin Maher for everything!!!!!!

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