Client Testimonials

The Maher Law Firm knows how to fight for you.  They got my two DUI cases completely dismissed in Ohio! If you are looking for a criminal, traffic, or DUI defense attorney in Columbus, Ohio , call them at 614-205-2208.

Mr. Maher was an extremely helpful Columbus OVI attorney. When he explained the situation to me, he was very confident and knowledgeable. He even got my OVI charges completely dismissed!

The Maher Law Firm did an excellent job handling my OVI case in Columbus, Ohio. Colin was thorough, diligent, honest, and dedicated, exactly what I needed from an OVI attorney in Columbus, Ohio.

I feel I received the best representation available in Columbus, Ohio, and would readily recommend this organization to anyone seeking a criminal defense attorney. Job well done!

Thank you SO much for your help!  I will make copies of your card and give them to everyone I know who needs a criminal defense attorney in Columbus, Ohio.  I seriously will.

Colin was on top of my case from the time I decided to hire him until court day. Definitely would recommend him to anyone who needs a criminal defense attorney in Columbus, Ohio , without a doubt.

Very professional service!! Can’t say enough about how timely things were handled! Every step of the way I stayed informed on my case and all was taken care of in my favor!

It was a pleasure talking to you. I will write positive reviews on several websites recommending your firm to those who need a DUI attorney in Columbus, Ohio.

It was so nice to meet you and get my license back today– thank you.

Overall great Columbus DUI attorney, timely, professional, and very reasonable. Would recommend 100%. Thanks Mr. Maher!

Thank you so much for your help! Only having a fine of $150 with no license suspension after being charged with an OVI exceeded my expectations. You are truly a great OVI attorney in Columbus Ohio.

Thank you for being so available to answer all of my questions. I had my doubts about this case, but you really came through.