Friend from Drinking and Driving
27 May
Author: Colin Maher
Date: 2015-05-27
Categories: Traffic

How to Stop a Friend from Drinking and Driving

We all know the importance of not drinking and driving. Keeping your friends from drinking and driving can save your friend’s life,and the lives of others. Here are a few lifesaving strategies and steps to take.

Partying at a Bar

  1. Have an agreement that there’s no driving before anyone starts to drink. Having this conversation after the drinking has started will not be productive. Often times, people may become more and more convinced of their skillful driving ability with the more alcohol they consume.
  2. Have enough money for cab or Uber fare. This is one plan for getting home, and a safe plan that will prevent a possible DUI arrest.
  3. Designate a sober driver. If you have that angelic friend that will go out and party without having to drink too, impose on their kindness and let them get you and your other friends home safe and sound.
  4. Eat something. Sometimes you can start having so much fun drinking that you forget to eat, and all the great resolutions of not drinking and driving fly out the window. Eating a little something may keep you from over-indulging.

Partying at Home

If you host a party, you definitely want to be responsible in how you host that party. Here are some tips for how to be a lifesaving host:

  1. Get the keys before drinking starts. Acknowledge that you’re hosting a party to have a great time with people you like and love, and you want to preserve those relationships. Meet your guests at the door with a bowl where they’ll deposit their keys and everyone can party without fear of vehicular stupidity.
  2. Serve food. This can keep things from going “over-the-top,” and generally makes for a more fun party for all.
  3. Make sure you’re well-stocked. Don’t give anyone an excuse for going out drunk for more beer or ice.
  4. Have “crash pads” ready for the guests. Make sure there’s enough floor space or sofas or chairs to accommodate your friends.
  5. Make breakfast. Once you wake up, make sure you help you guests sober up some as they wake up. Breakfast is a great way to do this by lengthening the amount of time the body has to process the alcohol.
  6. Call cabs. If some friends can’t stay but aren’t able to drive, call a cab to get them home and take care of getting vehicles back to them the next day.
  7. Stay sober as the host and get another sober driver to follow you as you drive your friends home.

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