Driving Uninsured in Ohio
30 Jan
Author: Colin Maher
Date: 2015-01-30
Categories: Traffic

Penalty for Driving Without Insurance in Ohio

Ohio requires drivers to have valid insurance when operating a vehicle in the state.  When an officer performs a traffic stop, he or she will ask for the driver’s license, car registration information, and proof of insurance.  If an officer finds that the insurance information you present is either falsified or expired, he or she can issue a citation for that alone.  Failure to present insurance information within 30 days of the traffic stop is also grounds for a citation.  Read more to learn about the specific penalties for those who drive uninsured in Ohio, and why it is always wise to contact a Columbus, Ohio traffic ticket lawyer in the event you are cited while driving.    

In Ohio, divers are required to have some sort of financial protections in the event of an accident or injury while operating a vehicle.  Senate Bill 20, which was passed in 1995, requires drivers to carry some sort of insurance or state bond.  Drivers must carry coverage for both injury to persons, and coverage in the event property is damaged.  If a driver is unable to get insurance using most private companies, the driver can comply with state law by bond, which must be issued by an authorized surety in the amount of $30,000. To learn more about the different ways to meet insurance requirements in the state of Ohio, contact a traffic violation attorney in Columbus, Ohio.  Attorneys who specialize in traffic tickets can help inform and educate drivers who take the risk of driving uninsured.

Drivers have 30 days to present proof of insurance or face a loss of driving privileges.  The length of the drivers license suspension depends on the court, but can span anywhere from the state minimum of 90 days to the maximum of 2 years.  In addition to the loss of driving privileges, drivers will need to pay fees to reinstate driving privileges after the necessary time has passed.  The cost to reinstate a driver’s license for repeat offenders is more than 6 times what the cost would be for a first time offender.  All of these costs and time restrictions on driving can add up and can be harmful to those who require a driver’s license to work. 

In addition to the loss of driving privileges, those who drive uninsured run the risk of big costs should an accident occur.  Ohio is a “fault” state, meaning the person who causes the damage during a car accident or traffic accident and found legally liable for the damages, must pay up.  With insurance, drivers will exchange information and the insurance company will likely cover the cost of the damage.  However, those who are uninsured not only risk license suspension, but also risk a large bill for any damages.  A Columbus, Ohio traffic violation attorney can help you better understand the real cost of driving uninsured. 

Call an experienced traffic ticket lawyer today if you or someone you know has been cited for driving without insurance.   A Columbus, Ohio traffic violation attorney will work with you to better understand your situation and advocate for your rights.  Many in Central Ohio rely on transportation for work and to care for loved ones, so work with The Maher Law Firm to better understand the risks of driving uninsured.  For a free consultation, call 614-205-2208 or contact us online today.

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