How to Fight Improper Turn Ticket in Ohio
13 Sep
Author: Colin Maher
Date: 2021-09-13
Categories: Traffic

How to Fight Improper Turn Ticket in Ohio

When it comes to making an improper turn in Columbus Ohio, they are completely prohibited by the Ohio Revised Code, Section 4511.36. This section details out the correct ways to make right turns and how to make left turns on two-way and one-way roads. When it comes to being a driver at an intersection, some of the specifics of Section 4511.36 include:

  • “Approach for a right turn and a right turn shall be made as close as practicable to the right-hand curb or edge of the roadway.”
  • “At any intersection where traffic is permitted to move in both directions on each roadway entering the intersection, an approach for a left turn shall be made in that portion of the right half of the roadway nearest the center line thereof and bypassing to the right of such centerline where it enters the intersection and after entering the intersection the left turn shall be made so as to leave the intersection to the right of the centerline of the roadway being entered. Whenever practicable the left turn shall be made in that portion of the intersection to the left of the center of the intersection.”

With other rules viewable within the section of the Ohio Revised Code itself, it is also important to note that turning can differ depending on the markers or signs at an intersection and how they are placed at the intersection. Before we get to how to fight improper turn tickets in Columbus Ohio, let us understand the possible penalties.

Tickets that are tied to improper turns at intersections in Ohio do have penalties. Improper turns are most often considered a minor misdemeanor. The penalties for a minor misdemeanor can include:

  • Up to 30 hours of community service
  • Court costs
  • A fine of up to $150

How to Fight Improper Turn Ticket in Columbus Ohio

Should you be faced with a ticket for improper turning, reaching out to a Columbus Ohio traffic defense lawyer can be an excellent way to ensure that you have someone on your side.

If you are wondering if you should fight a right turn on red ticket or a no left turn ticket in Ohio, you will want to consider how points may impact your license currently and moving forward as well as comparing the cost of hiring a Columbus traffic attorney as compared to paying the ticket and dealing with insurance rate increases. The other two options, apart from working with a Columbus Ohio traffic defense lawyer are as follows:

  • You can pay off the improper turn ticket, which equates to pleading guilty, or
  • You can decide to handle the case on your own.

By working with a Columbus traffic defense lawyer, you will have someone on your side with the necessary knowledge and experience to assist you throughout the process.

How to Fight A Right Turn on Red Ticket and How to Fight a No Left Turn Ticket in Columbus Ohio

When it comes to disputing a right turn on the red ticket or a no-left turn ticket, the process will be similar to fighting any other improper turn ticket. The best thing you can do is reach out to a Columbus Ohio traffic lawyer who can then explain your options and the potential penalties you face with each option. 

A Columbus traffic defense lawyer, like Colin Maher with The Maher Law Firm, will work with you to determine the best approach. Possible defenses and likely outcomes will depend on the individual situation.

For example, if you have a good driving record with no other or very few traffic offenses, your options will be more favorable than those of a person who has a consistent record of traffic violations.

Speak With a Columbus Traffic Defense Attorney about Contesting a No Left Turn Ticket in Ohio

Simply speaking with a traffic defense attorney in relation to contesting an improper turn ticket in Ohio can be quite helpful. Colin Maher of The Maher Law Firm offers completely free phone consultations. He can be contacted online or by calling him at 614-205-2208 today!

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