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09 Oct
Author: Colin Maher
Date: 2014-10-09
Categories: Traffic

When to Hire a Traffic Violation Attorney

Knowing when to hire a traffic violation attorney can be the difference between points on your license or only a small fine.  You may find yourself asking, “Why should I spend more money with these high court costs and possible fines?” The answer is simple: the trained traffic violation lawyers will do their best to reduce the fines and costs. Many people forget that insurance premiums increase when the traffic violations add up.  Here are a few instances when hiring a Columbus, Ohio traffic violation attorney is a must.

If you are facing a DUI/OVI charge, reckless driving charge, or other charges that could carry large fines, it is best to contact an attorney.  Hiring an attorney to help with these matters can significantly reduce the amount of time and money spent at court.  Many court fees are increasing, and a trained traffic attorney can help settle the case before incurring large court costs.  In addition to the importance of reducing the costs, an attorney can help reduce the uncertainty of the process.  With legal counsel, you should be well prepared for all the various steps of defending yourself during a traffic violation case.   The peace of mind that comes with hiring legal counsel will help reduce the stress of the process as well.

Additionally, if you already have points on your license and wish to avoid coming close to Ohio’s 12 point limit.  That is, if you accumulate 12 or more points in a matter of 2 years, driving privileges are suspended for 6 months.  Ask yourself if your traffic violation will bring you close to or above the 12-point limit.  If you are close to the limit, you need an advocate to persuade the judge to reduce or reconsider the number of points with this charge.  Save time and money on the expenses of finding alternative transportation and remedial driving courses.  A Columbus, Ohio traffic violation attorney will help advocate to keep those points off your license.  Remember, each case is unique, so if you feel that this applies to you, set up a consultation to be certain.  Again, you want the peace of mind that comes from hiring a professional to represent your interests in court.  

Lastly, anytime you don’t want your insurance premiums to spike, you should talk to an attorney.  In addition to large fines and possible points on your license, moving violations are cause for an increase in insurance costs.  DUI/OVI charges hit insurance costs hard, with one nationwide stud showing that car insurance premiums can increase by more than 90%.  In order to keep costs low, it is best to talk with a Columbus Ohio traffic violation lawyer about ways to reduce the charges.  Insurance premiums are most likely to increase in new drivers and older drivers, both of which often face high premiums to begin with.  Rather than fight rising premiums, it is best to have an advocate who will fight to reduce the charges and keep those points off of your drivers license. 

Whatever your situation may be it is in your best interests to hire a traffic violation attorney. Not only will you have a guide for the traffic violation process, but the traffic violation attorney will be able to lay out more options than should you represent yourself.  So rather than represent yourself, contact a Columbus Ohio traffic violation lawyer, who can affectively advocate for you and potentially have your charges reduced or dismissed.

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