DUI Can Affect Your Career
16 Oct
Author: Colin Maher
Date: 2014-10-16
Categories: Traffic

How a DUI Can Affect Your Career Opportunities

A DUI can have a disastrous effect on your career.  Especially if you work or are seeking work in a field like teaching, the military, or law enforcement. Those charged with a DUI/OVI offense need to understand the challenges they face with their current employment or when seeking employment. Some employers will treat you differently, even using the conviction as a screening tool. It is always important to hire a trained OVI lawyer to help should you find yourself on the wrong end of a traffic stop. 

Current employment

You may be required to disclose any convictions to your employer, both prior to your date of hire and during employment.  Please note this is different from an arrest.  In Ohio, employers are generally concerned only with the convictions that will appear on your criminal record.  That being said, the time may come when you have to disclose why you are leaving the office when going to court or meeting with attorneys.

If you receive a conviction, meaning that you have either plead guilty to the charges against you or you are found guilty of a DUI, under Ohio law you will receive a mandatory minimum sentence of 72 hours in jail.  These 72 hours can be served at a rehabilitation center where you participate in classes focused on preventing drunk driving and substance abuse.  In addition, the state will suspend your driving license, which will cause you to rely on friends, taxis, or public transportation for work.  All of these consequences can befall you if you receive just one DUI conviction.  Your alternative transportation may not be reliable and you risk chronic tardiness. 

Some companies have mandatory firing policies when an employee receives an OVI/DUI conviction.  This is especially common in fields working with children, or when driving is a part of the job.  Make sure to review your employee handbook to see what your current employer’s policy is on receiving a conviction.  It’s best to be prepared so you follow the standard protocol at your place of employment and don’t give the company additional reasons to let you go.

This is why it is important to do all you can to prevent convictions.  If you find yourself in a situation where you are charged with a moving violation, do all you can to hire a trained Central Ohio drunk driving lawyer.  Once counsel represents you, then you will be able to discuss the options available in more detail.  Lawyers know the complex laws surrounding the court and will help advocate for your rights.

Future employment

Once you have an OVI/DUI on your driving record, it will be near impossible to get a job where you are required to drive.  For those who require a commercial driver’s license, note that the DUI conviction will stay on your record permanently.

Once you are convicted of an OVI/DUI, the state will suspend your license.  As mentioned above this means you will be relying on alternate transportation to get where you need to go.  It is important to think of all the possible consequences that you may face when you are charged with OVI/DUI.  Hiring the right OVI lawyer in Central Ohio will help highlight the options you have when faced with the harsh consequences that accompany a DUI conviction. 

It is important that when you are filling out your job applications, you do not lie on the applications.  If you do, it may be grounds for dismissal once you have been offered a position.  Complete the form honestly and accurately.  Don’t bring up a DUI in a job interview unless directly asked, and provide a succinct and apologetic explanation.  Employers don’t want to see you shift blame; rather they want evidence that it was a momentary lapse of judgment and it will not happen again.

If all of this sounds daunting, that’s because it is.  Hire a trained OVI attorney in Central Ohio to help defend your rights should you be arrested for a moving violation like DUI/OVI.  Not only will the attorney fight for your rights and protect your interests in court, but they will also be able to help you come to terms with the real life consequences of the OVI/DUI convictions.  Finding a lawyer you trust is important, especially when your career depends on fighting the OVI/DUI charges. 

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