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Ohio Underage Drinking Attorney

Underage Drinking Defenses

Since I practice criminal defense law in Columbus, OH, I know that city, county, state and Ohio State University police enforce underage drinking laws vigorously. Combine a large population of college students with a long list of regulations on the purchase, possession, and consumption of beer, wine, and liquor, and you have all the ingredients for a seemingly never-ending docket of cases involving alcohol and alleged offenders who are under the age of 21.

The best defense against an underage alcohol charge will depend on the nature of the charge and the facts of the situation. The most common underage drinking cases involve accusations of Continue reading

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Why Can’t We Legally Drink Until 21?

Why has Ohio enforced a minimum drinking age of 21 since 1988?

The short answer is that lawmakers and safety advocates, with broad support from voting public, wanted to curb drunk driving. A more complete answer points to the need to continue receiving a full allotment of federal highway funds and to the overall poor performance of younger drivers. Continue reading

Underage DUI attorney Columbus Ohio

Should I Talk to My Child About Underage Drinking?

Teenagers must know that buying and using alcohol before they reach the legal age of 21 can have serious and long-term criminal consequences. Even if simple possession of beer or carrying fake ID get prosecuted as misdemeanors, having any kind of criminal record can jeopardize educational and employment opportunities. In fact, simply getting charged with any kind of alcohol-related offense is considered a violation of many schools’ student code of conduct. Expulsion and loss of scholarships are real possibilities for committing what most people may consider youthful indiscretions. Continue reading