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Traffic Violation Attorney Columbus Ohio

5 of the Most Common Traffic Violations

Leaving aside drunk and drugged driving, the five things most likely to draw the attention of a local traffic cop or a Highway Patrol officer are speeding, following too closely, making improper lane changes, operating with faulty equipment, and running red lights. We’ll take brief looks at what getting ticketed for any of these can mean for an Ohio driver below. Continue reading

Does the officer have to appear in traffic court

When Does a Police Officer Have to Appear in Traffic Court for a Traffic Violation?

When you contest a traffic ticket and insist on your right to a trial, the police officer or state trooper who issued your ticket must appear in court. This requirement exists because your right to fair treatment under law includes allowing you to face and question your accuser. That explanation sounds a little grandiose for something like fighting a speeding ticket, but constitutional rights always apply whenever you deal with law enforcement officers and judges. Continue reading