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Can Breath or Blood Test Consent Be Withdrawn

Can Breath or Blood Test Consent Be Withdrawn?

Yes, you can stop taking part in breath, blood, and urine testing procedures after you have started. That simple answer requires a good deal of explanation, however, particularly because failing to do everything a police officer asks you to do can have serious legal consequences.

Implied Consent and Fifth Amendment Rights

When it comes to testing suspected drunk and drugged drivers, Ohio police act on the principle of implied consent. This means that simply getting into the driver’s seat can subject a person to all kinds of field sobriety tests and laboratory analyses of your breath, blood, and urine samples unless the person clearly states that he or she does not consent to those procedures.

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What Can Happen if a DUI Causes Injury to Another Person?

Expect to face severe criminal charges and a civil personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit if you get charged with inflicting injuries while driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. All courts, law enforcement personnel, and insurance companies in Ohio take accusations of operating a vehicle while intoxicated (OVI) seriously and will strive to maximize penalties against a driver they believe to be at fault. Hiring a Columbus, Ohio, DUI lawyer when that happens is essential. Continue reading