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Speeding ticket lawyer Columbus Ohio

How Far Over the Speed Limit Is Considered ‘Speeding’?

Anything over the speed limit is speeding.

This is neither a philosophical maxim, nor a statement of physical principles. It’s the law.

Ohio state statutes designate speeding as a prima facie offense. In plain English, this means that a police officer who clocks you going even one mile over a posted speed limit can pull you over and write you a ticket. Continue reading

speeding ticket lawyer Columbus Ohio

Will I Lose my License if I Can’t Pay a Speeding Ticket?

A court-ordered driver’s license suspension is a possibility if you do not pay the fine for pleading guilty to or being convicted of speeding in Ohio.

Under the traffic laws of Ohio, drivers ticketed for speeding do not automatically face a license suspension. A series of decisions and actions, however, can end with the loss of driving privileges for an indeterminate period. Continue reading