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CDL attorney Columbus Ohio

How to Avoid a CDL Suspension in Ohio

Commercial drivers in Ohio can have their CDLs suspended for dozens of reasons. A long list of criminal offenses, traffic violations, and regulatory lapses that carry commercial driver’s license suspension penalties appears elsewhere on this Maher Law Firm website. When checking out that rundown, note that a first-time suspension raises a commercial driver’s risk for subsequent CDL suspensions. Continue reading

CDL attorney Columbus Ohio

How to Get Your CDL Reinstated After a DUI

The steps you must take to get your commercial driver’s license back after getting charged with driving under the influence depend on the type of suspension you received. Ohio law allows police to make an administrative license suspension, or ALS, after taking a person into custody for suspicion of operating a vehicle while intoxicated (OVI). An OVI charge that leads to a guilty plea or conviction results in a court-ordered suspension. Continue reading