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Hit and Run Defense Attorney Columbus Ohio

How a Defense Attorney Can Defend You Against a Hit and Run Charge

Anyone convicted of a misdemeanor for leaving the scene of a car crash in Ohio can get sentenced to six months in jail and lose their driver’s license for up to three years. Criminal fines can also total $1,000, restitution can be ordered, and six points can be put on the offender’s license. Such harsh penalties can apply even if the offense involved nothing more than running into a parked vehicle and then taking off without leaving a note for the owner. Continue reading

criminal defense attorney Columbus Ohio

What to Do If You Are Suspected of a Hit and Run

Do not hesitate to contact a Columbus, Ohio, criminal defense attorney if police accuse you of leaving the scene of an accident. Penalties for hit and run, which state statutes refer to as “fleeing the scene of an accident,” can be harsh, rising to as much as three years in jail when the crash resulted in another person’s death. Even a hit-and-run collision that only inflicts vehicle damage can lead to a 180-day jail term, a lengthy driver’s license suspension, and large fines. Continue reading