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What to Do if a Cop Pulls You Over Under Suspicion of Drinking

An arrest and trial for driving under the influence can create almost as many problems as a conviction for what Ohio state statutes call operating a vehicle while intoxicated (OVI). The officer can make an administrative license suspension that works just like a court-ordered suspension and applies equally to the suspect’s commercial driver’s license. Also, the arrest can appear on the suspect’s driving record even if no conviction results. That will translate into higher insurance premiums and the possible loss of job opportunities that require driving company vehicles. Continue reading

Representing DUI Case

Representing Yourself in a DUI Case

While it’s common for people to represent themselves in small claims court or civil proceedings, it’s not a wise move for you to represent yourself if you’re facing a criminal charge, such as an OVI/DUI. If you choose not to hire an OVI attorney in Delaware, Ohio, it’s important to understand the risks of doing so. While the cost of hiring a skilled OVI lawyer in Delaware, Ohio can be high, it’s well worth it because a lawyer can prevent you from having to face a myriad of fees and harsh penalties. Continue reading

Hire DUI Attorney Columbus Ohio

Do I Need to Hire a Lawyer to Handle My DUI/DWI Case?

As with any court proceeding, you have the right to hire a lawyer in a DUI/OVI case. But do you really need a drunk driving attorney? A DUI/OVI is a serious offense that could significantly affect your future. Hiring a DUI lawyer could help you get your charge reduced or dismissed, so you can avoid losing your driver’s license.

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DUI Case Columbus Ohio

Tips for Filing an Appeal in a DUI Case

If you’ve been convicted of a DUI/OVI, you have the option of appealing your case with the help of a Columbus, Ohio DUI attorney. When you file an appeal, you’re asking the court to review the details of your case to determine whether an error was made, either in regards to the DUI/OVI conviction itself or with the sentencing.

By filing an appeal, you may be able to have the charges reduced or even dismissed and removed from your record altogether. If the proper evidence is displayed in court, you may be convicted of a lesser charge.

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