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Criminal defense attorney Columbus Ohio

5 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Columbus Criminal Defense Attorney

You have hundreds of choices for criminal defense attorneys in and around Columbus, Ohio. Hiring the one who is best able to advise and represent you can make all the difference between avoiding an unfairly harsh penalty and serving a maximum sentence.

The Maher Law Firm understands we won’t be the right defense lawyer for every potential client. Still, we want every individual who gets charged with a crime in central Ohio to receive the best defense available. To help make sure that happens, we outline five types of questions every criminal defendant should ask an attorney before hiring him or her. Continue reading

Criminal defense attorney Columbus Ohio

Charges for Arson in Ohio

Chapter 2909 of the Ohio Revised Code makes it a crime for any person to use fire or explosions to “knowingly … cause, or create a substantial risk of, physical harm” to a building, person, piece of property, or vehicle. An alleged arson offense could also be treated as vandalism or terrorism, and, depending on the target and the amount of injury or damage inflicted, the purported criminal act can be prosecuted as a high-level misdemeanor or a felony. Jail and stiff fines are always possible, making hiring a Columbus, Ohio, criminal defense attorney a must when charged with arson. Continue reading

criminal defense attorney Columbus Ohio

What to Do If You Are Suspected of a Hit and Run

Do not hesitate to contact a Columbus, Ohio, criminal defense attorney if police accuse you of leaving the scene of an accident. Penalties for hit and run, which state statutes refer to as “fleeing the scene of an accident,” can be harsh, rising to as much as three years in jail when the crash resulted in another person’s death. Even a hit-and-run collision that only inflicts vehicle damage can lead to a 180-day jail term, a lengthy driver’s license suspension, and large fines. Continue reading

Criminal defense attorney Columbus Ohio

Steps to Take When You Are Accused of a Crime You Didn’t Commit

Your best defenses against a false arrest and an unjust conviction are exercising your right to remain silent and insisting on your right to retain quality legal representation.

Police, prosecutors, judges, and juries make mistakes, and the pressure to accept a plea to a lesser offense you also did not commit just in order to end the ordeal of being wrongfully accused of a truly serious crime can become overwhelming. To ensure that you do not get steamrolled by the system, avoid incriminating yourself and work closely with a private Columbus, Ohio, criminal defense attorney who can make your case a top priority. Continue reading