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Columbus Reckless Driving Lawyer

Repeat Reckless Driving Charges

Racking up more than one reckless driving charge within a 12-month period puts an Ohio driver at risk for a month or more in jail. Losing a license to a 12-point violation is also a possibility, and paying hundreds of dollars in fines is a given.

A Brief Overview of Reckless Operation

A first conviction for the offense that Ohio state laws refer to as reckless operation is treated as a minor misdemeanor, punishable by a fine of $150. Even though it is called a “minor” misdemeanor, it is more serious than the typical traffic offense as indicated by the four-point license penalty. Continue reading

Reckless Operation Attorney in Columbus Ohio

What are the Differences Between Reckless Operation and Physical Control?

Reckless driving or reckless operation is a fairly common traffic offense on Ohio roadways.  The reason it is a common offense is that it can be used as a “catch-all” charge which could include infractions as diverse as passing a school bus, weaving in and out of traffic, failing to yield to an emergency vehicle, extremely excessive speed, and even following too closely or tail gating.  But don’t be fooled, even though it is a common offense, the penalties associated with it can be very serious and have a big impact on your driving record if not your life. Continue reading