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Columbus Ohio Driving Under Suspension Lawyer

When You Can Drive if Your License Is Suspended

You have several options for getting back on the road after your license has been suspended. The options available to you depend on why, how, when, and the type of suspension that was issued. In each case, you have the right to seek advice and representation from a Columbus Ohio lawyer who knows all the details and risks of driving under suspension.  The best way to stay on the road is to hire an experienced Columbus traffic attorney any time you are charged with a traffic offense.  Your attorney will be able to advise you of the possibility of suspension or the potential for future suspensions so you can take steps to avoid it. Continue reading

Columbus Ohio Driving Under Suspension Lawyer

Why People Drive Under a Suspended License

Life does not stop. You have to get to work, shop for groceries, take the kids to practice, and attend to dozens of other obligations and errands each week. Driving, for all its traffic-related frustrations, fuel and maintenance expenses, generally makes our lives easier. Sometimes, driving is what makes life livable at all, as when we must rush a loved one to the hospital or head out of town on short notice to attend to a crisis. Continue reading